Imbassai is located in the northeastern part of Brazil. It is one hour away from the city of Salvador, through the highway “Linha verde”. Imbassai is well known because it has a beautiful landscape where the river meets the sea, surrounded by lots of palms trees with a sandy beach. The sea has warm water with a strong current. The river is very clean and relaxing. After swimming there are many restaurants called “Barracas”, where you can have a delicious meal in front of the beach. Usually it is sea food. The best dish is “Moqueca”, it is a fish stew made with palm oil and coconut milk. Another dish that you can try is “peixe vermelho”, which is big enough to share with two to four persons. There are good places to sleep at “posadas” and there are luxury resorts too. Ask for a mosquito net in the hotel or bring your own mosquito repellent because in the evening there can be many. For another day trip, “Praia Do Forte” is a beach with a project to save the turtles from the extinction.

By vanessa

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